Cat with Monocle

Having to decide to start-up a media site to promote, discuss, and review video games, movies, anime, and other entertainments, Seth created Cat with Monocle for the purpose to dive deeper in the entertainment world. Creating a visual-appeal website to grab audience, the website was built with advanced CSS and HTML, along with a customized WordPress template to fit those needs.

While exploring, Seth has researched and utilize SEO tools such as analytics and social media channels to help promote Cat with Monocle. To push the envelope further, Seth created review synopsis videos for social media channels and have proven to be successful on views. Video captures were also taken with watermarked icon to help promote video game articles and reviews. The site continues to explore options and value to viewers to help drive traffic for not only the website but also through each social media channel.

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP, Custom WordPress Template, jQuery, Adobe After Effects, Google Analytics, AMP, Webmaster Tools

Client: Seth Hay